Imagine 100 matches on Bumble

Control multiple profiles with auto-swipe so you get 20x as many matches. Don't waste time swiping and waiting for matches, we auto-swipe & forward your chats directly to our mobile app.

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Giving men the advantage

Turning the tables on dating apps

If you're not getting matches on dating apps, it's because your profile isn't being displayed. Create multiple dating profiles and upload them to our app to enable auto-swiping and puppet control. By creating multiple profiles, you will be displayed more often and get many more matches!

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One app to rule them all

All your matches on one screen

It's like 15 dating profiles controlled by one app.

Real time messenger

Chat with all your matches in real time. Messages are sent through any profile.

SMS notifications

Get text messages when you get matches or messages.

Blow up your phone

You'll have your choice with more chats than you've ever had. 20x your results.

Use our app on ANY device

Runs on IOS, Android, Windows, Chrome, Ubuntu and more!

Customize your settings

Tell us how to swipe, where to place your profiles.

Pricing Plan

A plan for every person

Bronze plan

  • Up to 6 automated profiles
  • Control all your profiles through 1 app
  • Automatically swipe right on all
  • Great for testing our service

$ 29 /2 Weeks

Diamond plan

  • Up to 20 automated profiles
  • Control all your profiles through 1 app
  • Customizable preferences for swiping
  • At least 45 matches guaranteed*
  • A/B testing for profile photos
  • Automatically send an opening message
  • Set preferences for filters
$ 99 /Month

* Guaranteed Match minimums are subject to being located in a major city. For additional stipulations see Guarantee Terms. Results are typically far in excess of guaranteed minimums.


Don't believe the hype?

Robert S.

Everyone knows dating apps are rigged to throttle your matches, this app is game changing.

John R.

In one week I had 29 matches. More that I typically have in two months with Bumble.

Jose Z.

Best thing since sliced bread.

Nicholas R.

A clever way to increase your exposure on dating apps. I matched with 74 women on my first month.

Mathew M.

Set it and forget it. Takes care of all swiping and sends the matches straight to my phone.

Andrew G.

As someone who has paid for Tinder+ and Bumble Spotlight, Datehackr was better than both combined.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How many matches can I expect on the Bronze plan vs Diamond plan?

Your mileage may vary, but you can expect a multiple of the current number of matches your are getting. For example, with the DIY Plan and 6 profiles you can expect 6x as many matches as you were having before hand.

What will happen after I purchase a plan?

Within 24 hours of purchasing your membership, you will receive an Email with instructions on how to setup your profile. Afterward we will create your account so you can log into your account.

How do I install the DateHackr app?

DateHackr is a Progressive Web App. You can install the DateHackr app by navigating to adding it to the home screen of your cellphone. If you prefer desktop, you can install it to your desktop. For detailed instructions see Installing DateHackr. Android/IOS/macOS/Ubuntu are all supported.

Which dating apps does Datehackr automate?

Datehackr automates Bumble.

Does DateHackr swipe right on all women?

By default, yes. If you purchase the Diamond Plan you will be able to set your own ratio for swiping right vs left.

How does DateHackr work?

DateHackr is a dating app that automates other dating apps. It works by running multiple profiles on your behalf and then waiting for matches. Effectively, we increase your exposure by controlling multiple profiles so you appear more often to women in your area. We then transmit all your messages to our app so you can chat in real-time. Think of it as a "Tinder Boost" running 24/7.

What happens to all my matches after my plan expires?

After your account expires, you will be able to chat with your matches for an additional 7 days. After this period, your account along with all of its data will be deleted. You can renew your plan to extend chat and automation features.

What is the refund policy and guarantee?

We will only issue refunds if they are requested before service is activated. We also guarantee at least 45 Matches on the Diamond plan. If we fail to deliver, we will automatically upgrade or extend your account. This guarantee may be waived for users who live in sparsely populated cities. Results are typically significantly in excess of our minimum-match guarantee. See Guarantee Terms.

How does Datehackr create multiple profiles?

You will create 1 Bumble profile using a Username and Password that Datehackr provides. Datehackr clones this account and sets the location of the clones in a defined radius near you.

I have more questions, who can I contact?

Email us at